In the emerging economy there is a new infrastructure, based on the internet, that is causing us to scrutinies most of our assumptions about the business. As a skin of networks - growing in ubiquity, robustness, bandwidth, and function - covers the skin of the planet, new models of how wealth is created are emerging.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What is e-banking?

The new frontier of electronic banking is the online bank, where customers can access many banking functions via the internet, including balance queries, transfers automatic payments and loan applications.

E-banking is a cost effective channel for banks to develop and deliver a broad range of products and services. E-banking also brings many benefits to customers including convenience and better products and customer services. From the bank’s point of view, E-banking offers a new way to reach and serve customers while relieving the strain on the ATM hardware and network.
E-banking can be defined as an internet portal, through which customers can use different kinds of banking services ranging from bill payment to making investments. E-banking can be carried out anywhere from a device with an internet connection and it enables access to account information and conduct online transactions.
What is e-banking?
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